Picking is a key performance indicator for warehouses…

…and every second counts. ProGlove’s IIoT wearables provide means – such as the instant feedback feature – to easily improve the quality of the logistic processes. Wrong picks do not only cause delays , they also affect your customer satisfaction. Yet customer satisfaction is a curcial factor for your competitiveness. So keep your customers satified – rely on ProGlove.

“By using ProGlove we expect productivity and improvement of ergonomics at the same time,” says Martin Drüke, Head of Plant Logistics, John Deere Mannheim. “First results show a high level of satisfaction by the worker because the scan process becomes easier.”

Where can I find a use case like this?

Ensuring traceability for every pick is a key element throughout the whole supply chain. Our customers have implemented ProGlove for picking applications in the following industries:

Contract Logistics, Distribution Center

Time is everything in logistics and transportation. We at ProGlove understand, that improving the speed and quality of shipments is the most critical part in this. From receiving packages in inbound areas to loading trucks, ProGlove solutions will help you streamline your processes.


OEM’s, First-Tier Suppliers

Process quality and efficiency are key differentiators for automotive companies. Its sophisticated design and light weight make our smart scanner an ideal choice for all use cases that require proper documentation, without adding yet another bulky tool to the worker’s belt. Use wearable barcode scanners from ProGlove to stay ahead of your competition.

Almost every European car manufacturer uses ProGlove.


Fast-moving consumer goods, e-commerce, furniture houses

In today’s world customers do not accept the unavailability of items or extended delivery periods. So timeliness and process quality are a critical asset to your business. Wearable solutions from ProGlove support workers to address this challenge. Smart scanning solutions from ProGlove provide instant worker feedback after every step to maintain maximum process quality.