Make staging more ergonomic,…

…efficient, and produce virtually no errors. What may seem like an impossible challenge can actually be solved in a matter of minutes. ProGlove’s industrial wearables let you do that and more. With the ability to supply instant feedback, ProGlove ensures that errors are identified and resolved right when they happen.

“ProGlove proved itself to be the ideal solution for series production and has been used in our logistics ever since, ” stresses Jirí CeeHead of ŠKODA Brand Logistics.

Where can I find a use case like this?

For time critical staging of materials and sequence-accurate line supply our customer have implemented ProGlove in following industries:

OEM’s, First-Tier Suppliers

Process quality and efficiency are key differentiators for automotive companies. Its sophisticated design and light weight make our smart scanner an ideal choice for all use cases that require proper documentation, without adding yet another bulky tool to the worker’s belt. Use wearable barcode scanners from ProGlove to stay ahead of your competition.

Almost every European car manufacturer uses ProGlove.


Machinery, High Tech

The manufacturing and assembling of complex products require special skills and expertise. Wearable barcode scanners give workers one less thing to worry about. Avoid expensive errors with smart scanning solutions from ProGlove.