Master the

From handling aircraft spare parts to the correct tracking of travellers’ luggage, security is the overarching motto of all airports. Ensuring safety while allowing for quick handling processes is an extremely difficult challenge to master. With Proglove, processes are fast and safe because our scanners supply instant feedback to confirm the correct work step completions.

  • Keep your safety at the highest possible level
  • Speed up your processes to reduce turnaround time for airplanes
  • Have the right goods at the right place – always

Comply with highest security standards and be fast at the same time with ProGlove.

How do our Customers use us?

Read and watch how other successful companies use ProGlove.

Lufthansa Technik

To create smart solutions for their customers around the world, LTLS combines the skills of a global logistics company with an in-depth and unique knowledge of the aviation industries,. Since 2018 LTLS has been using ProGlove in the check-in and packing stations for aviation shipping and handling.

For security reasons, tracking each part at all places is of utmost importance. By giving operators direct visual, acoustic, and haptic feedback on their working steps, ProGlove’s smart wearables help eliminate  mistakes and improve the process quality. Additionally, ProGlove helps the workers get instant feedback on prioritized goods, making their shipping and handling more efficient.

Apart from that, ProGlove’s smart wearables enable ergonomic handling of materials every day by allowing the workers to be hands-free and move unrestrictedly within their working stations.