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Time is everything in logistics and transportation. We at ProGlove understand that improving the speed and quality of shipments is the most critical part in this. From receiving packages in inbound areas to loading trucks, ProGlove solutions will help you streamline your processes.

  • Ship more goods in less time
  • Streamline your logistics processes
  • Reduce errors by continuously receiving feedback

Increase your output by a double digit percentage through the use of ProGlove.

How do our Customers use us?

Read and watch how other successful companies use ProGlove.


The Geis Group is an owner-managed global logistics provider with more than 6,000 employees spread across 150 different locations.  In collaboration with ProGlove, the group has improved the workplace effectiveness at a logistics warehouse, that holds more than 350,000 different automotive parts. Through its ergonomic design, Proglove helps  simplify the sorting, issuing, and clearing processes within the warehouse.

On a daily basis, there are 10,000 scans, so that saving 2-3 seconds per scan through the use of ProGlove’s technology  boils down to a tremendous boost in the warehouse’s efficiency. It also reduces the walking distance for the workers and relieves them of the superfluous holster. 

On the factory floor, this spells out to additional speed  and more efficiency.



LOXXESS is a medium sized logistics supplier. In 2016, LOXXESS introduced ProGlove to simplify work for employees while increasing warehouse productivity at the same time. The contract logistics supplier relies on ProGlove’s smart gloves for more efficiency in stationary areas such as return processing and packaging in Bor/Czech Republic.

The combination of ProGlove with displays accounts for faster and trouble-free processing through easier handling. LOXXESS saves a significant time per item in return processing. This translates to a double-digit percentage increase for the production output.

“ProGlove simplifies logistical processes and improves ergonomics for our employees significantly. By eliminating the waste in our return and packaging processes we expect an increase in productivity.” confirms Markus Mayr (Manager Lean Development)



Reichhart Logistik Group offers clients professional solutions for every logistical challenge in their five competence centres: transport logistics, warehousing, factory logistics, sequencing and assembling, and digital logistics. To allow for better ergonomics, quality and efficiency in the pre-assembly processes, the group decided in December 2016 to introduce ProGlove’s industrial wearables in its plant in Pliening.

ProGlove’s smart barcode scanners help Reichhart’s workers effortlessly master a daily workload consisting of a 28 second tact, 6,000 scans and 4,000 items. To this day, workers and managers are impressed with ProGlove’s simple and intuitive design.

“With ProGlove, we can improve the quality of the services and the motivation of our employees thanks to more ergonomic working conditions.” (Andreas Fütterer) sums up the great benefits of ProGlove for Reichhart.



Trelleborg Sealing Solutions is a leading global supplier of sealing solutions. To reduce the workload that comes with control processes, consolidation and packaging in their European logistics center in Gärtringen near Stuttgart/Germany, Trelleborg decided to rely on ProGlove’s smart wearables because ergonomic improvements play an important role for the company. After extensive testing, Trelleborg integrated ProGlove into their scanning processes for the entire dispatch department.

The simple and intuitive integration along with the overwhelming worker acceptance alone substantiated the decision for ProGlove. But most importantly, Trelleborg managed to deliver improved work ergonomics, quality and more efficiency.

Mehmet Tonbak (Manager Continuous Improvement) says “All workers wanted to use ProGlove immediately after introducing it.”