One less thing to
worry about

Manufacturing and assembling complex products require special skills and expertise from workers. Wearable barcode scanners give workers one less thing to worry about. Avoid expensive errors with smart scanning solutions from ProGlove.

  • Never again search for your barcode scanner
  • Add flexibility to your work with an increased range of up to 30 meters
  • Receive instant feedback to confirm correct work steps

“The cooperation between KUKA and ProGlove is an important step toward the factory of the future”

How do our Customers use us?

Read and watch how other successful companies use ProGlove.


Headquartered in Augsburg/Germany, KUKA is a  leading supplier of intelligent automation solutions worldwide. KUKA provides everything from industrial robots, cells to fully automated systems and logistics solutions. As an innovation leader in Industry 4.0, KUKA is working hand in hand with ProGlove to make its production more efficient. The collaboration between KUKA and ProGlove is an important step to the factory of the future. Since 2017, KUKA uses ProGlove in its incoming goods department, the Kanban assembly supply, and shipments unit.

“One small grip for a man, one giant leap for the logistics department,” says Markus Hirschmann, Head of Logistics at KUKA.The previously used handheld scanners resulted in the loss of time since the workers had to put down their scanners after every scan.

ProGlove not only simplifies the handling considerably, but also assists the workers to be significantly faster as it spares them long walks and unnecessary hand movements while minimizing the error rate.



With more than 13,000 employees, BOSCH Thermotechnology is a leading provider of energy efficient, high quality water heating and comfort heating systems. At the plant in Wernau, 400 different serial numbers are assigned to one production line, creating a large variety of products. Still, BOSCH is keen to not let this complexity affect the workers. To address this challenge BOSCH workers rely on ProGlove for their electronic shift logbook, in the assembly line, and in logistics.

At the packaging station, the workers need to operate a crane. Therefore, they need both hands free in order to be able to handle all products easily. The use of ProGlove significantly increases worker safety. Because reaching out for barcode scanners while handling heavy loads is a considerable security risk. ProGlove eliminates this risk.

Additionally, ProGlove helps BOSCH master the following challenges:

  • The cycle pace varies from 45 to 120 seconds
  • 12.000 scans per shift are processed by the help of ProGlove
  • There are 50 product variants per shift and assembly line


As a multinational company producing pneumatic and electric automation technology for 300,000 customers in more than 40 industries, FESTO is almost indispensable for global modern machinery. The company’s more than 20,000 employees are located in more than 60 countries around the world. To maintain its competitive edge, FESTO introduced ProGlove’s wearable scanners in order to improve production and logistics processes.

ProGlove’s IIoT wearables are used to scan items collected by a tugger train during the manufacturing process when they are prepared to be shipped. This helps FESTO increase ergonomics and efficiency. Because the trugger train drivers don’t need to pick up and drop off a regular handheld scanner anymore. An improvement that saves valuable time.

Alfons Riek (Technology and Innovation) confirms: “I think the benefit of ProGlove is obvious and the acceptance on the worker side is extremely good. ”



With more than 150.000 employees, Thyssenkrupp is one of the worlds largest component and system manufacturers for the automotive industry. ProGlove has been in use at Thyssenkrupp’s site in Hambach/France since 2017.  The multinational manufacturer uses ProGlove’s smart wearables for sequencing, so that workers can now move unrestrictedly between workstations without having to pick up and drop-off scanners every single time.

Additionally, Thyssenkrupp employs the smart glove to simplify and accelerate the workflow at their assembly lines. The workers, on the other hand, enjoy the advantages that come with improved ergonomics through ProGlove’s technology.

Thierry Singer, (Logistic Manager), summarizes why Thyssenkrupp trusts ProGlove: “We like to keep things easy that is why we use ProGlove : It is simple.”