Maintain Maximum Process Quality

In today’s world customers do not accept the unavailability of items or extended delivery periods. So timeliness and process quality are a critical asset to your business. Wearable solutions from ProGlove support workers to address this challenge. Smart scanning solutions from ProGlove provide instant worker feedback after every step to maintain maximum process quality.

  • Reduce false picks
  • Decrease time to shipment
  • Track and trace items throughout the process

Handle peak times with up to 40.000 scans per day more easily.

How do our Customers use ProGlove?

Read and watch how other successful companies use ProGlove.


The Redcoon Logistics Center in Erfurt/German manages logistics, returns and customer processes for both Redcoon and its parent group Media-Saturn. During peak seasons, scans can be 40 percent higher than usual.

To address the challenges for the workers, Redcoon uses a combination of ProGlove’s intelligent gloves along with a pick-by-light system at the shipping station. ProGlove helps the workers create seamless and interlocking working steps.  For Redcoon, this is a major improvement and an essential step towards an increasingly digital warehouse.

“ProGlove helps our workers in storing processes, and helps the group in general become more efficient. Therefore, ProGlove is an optimal solution that we’re glad to use.” Martin Wild, Chief Digital Officer



Penny Logistics is a critical logistics supplier within the REWE Group. To meet customer expectations, Penny Logistics ensures that the right amount of the right product is supplied at the right time to the right shop location. At the warehouse for perishable goods, including dairy products, the process quality is more critical than elsewhere because of the short minimum durability of the products in question.

Therefore,  Penny Logistics relies on ProGlove’s smart gloves for the picking process. By means of superior barcode scanning, ProGlove’s smart wearables capture the location of the product and the product to sync the data with the picking list. This boils down to better quality, more efficiency and increased work ergonomics.

Penny confirms: “The challenge is to pack correctly, quickly, and with quality. ProGlove ensures that.”



Located in the center of the Austrian ski resort Fiss, the family business of Intersport Pregenzer has been a hotspot for ski tourists since 1959. Over the years, the rentals have become a pivotal element of the entire business.

The growing number of clients required innovative solutions to ensure an even better and more customer friendly service. The search for that lead Intersport Pregenzer to ProGlove.

The wearable barcode scanners of ProGlove are used in the issuing and return of all rental items, as well as in the cash register area. Through the new processes in combination with the implementation of ProGlove, Intersport Pregenzer manages to serve up to 25% more customers – even during peak times such as holiday seasons and weekends.